Friday, 28 June 2013


More rain but hey yes yes Tennis as well..Laura you star through to the next round, and Murray is looking so impressive, but the guys who produced the shocks in round two, all gone?? how? why?
The adrenalin and the interviews that follow big wins every 30 minutes mean that when you have the next game its hey I had kinda forgotten about this. Very little preparation and still playing a top professional so the outcome EXIT until next year. Brown so entertaining beat Hewitt but goes out, De Brito beat Sharapova out, Stakhovsky beats Federer but goes out. Its no coincidence.

Look out for the new Goran, 6 FEET 8 INS Janowicz from Poland looked impressive in his win today could meet Murray en route.
And finally poor Dimitrov seeded 29 lost to Zemlja in 5 sets and yet he has all the ability to make it to the top 10 and more, but wait O yeh he has the burden of having to spend time with his Tennis girlfriend a Russian player someone called Sharapova I think? 
Until tomoz then..

Hawkeye Enjoy